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At Meritek Inc. we are dedicated to help you excel in your career. Our experienced and dedicated teams of recruiters and marketers work tirelessly to ensure that all our employees are correctly matched and placed at jobs which complement their skills and interest. We Don't just stop there, we provide on job training and support to ensure a smooth transition. You will find out team to be very dedicated and professional who are always ready to go above and beyond to help you.

Before we even talk anything, we first analyze and provide you with complete details about your target audience and how to convert your audience into real sales :

A. List of Keywords: We provide you with analysis of the best available high searched keywords and recommendations on how to target the keywords in order to generate more SALES!!

B. Competition Analysis: We provide you numbers about your competition and give you a brief discussion about what needs to be done in order to compete with your competitors.

C. Marking Plan: Based on previous two section analysis and based on our experience we offer a month to month term plan and offer long term goals in shorter time scale.

We don't charge any setup fees for our SEO services unlike most other search engine marketing companies. To make it even better we offer free website basic SEO changes for the first month.

We offer detail reporting on the website performance, showing the details about the terrific on the website. We also provide you with detail geographical report of how the visitors behavior on your website. Our complete reporting system offers you to understand about your further marketing requirements and how do you want to meet them.

Dedicated project manager assigned on your project to provide you with detail report on how your website is doing and how much terrific the website is generating and plus an expert opinion on what more needs to be done on the website SEO.

To make sure that your website rank is high even after the regular search engines algorithm changes, we closely observe the SEO and keep you updated on how the website rankings won't drop, such as: A. Outdated web design B. Content on the pages C. Technical issues D. Duplicate content E. Copyright issues F. Website errors according to w3c Validator

We are fully aware with both programming and search engine optimization(SEO) and produce the most search engine friendly websites just to make sure that you are well known on search engines in your industry and your website is ranking high on search engines and bringing leads all the time.

We provide full satisfaction with our decent customer services and desire to work with our clients on long term basis. We offer 60-day free support after we go live just to make sure that everything is working error free and we offer full ownership of work during this whole process.

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